GRC Software: BestGRC

If you're looking for Governance, Risk, and Compliance software, you've found it!

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance software is used by companies who want to leverage compliance in their organization.

The software is called BestGRC, and it is truly the best GRC tool you will find, and one of the most affordable too!

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Governance, Compliance and Risk - GRC
Governance, Risk and Compliance

Best GRC is a powerful, web based GRC tool

Our easy to use software is hosted in a secure/monitored environment, usable on PC/tablet/mobile and currently includes:

GRC Suite

  • GRC Core
    A platform to capture, communicate and manage your business objectives and related support in a framework consistent w/ the COSO Framework.
  • Controls Management
    A companion to the GRC Suite which supports defining, executing, and documenting control procedures.
  • Audit Management
    A companion to the GRC Suite which supports defining, executing, and documenting audit testing.
  • Asset Protection/Loss Prevention Suite
    A platform to define, build, communicate and manage the consistent execution of operational objectives and protection of your company’s physical and human assets.
  • Licensing/Royalty Management
    A platform to compile, manage, analyze and test all aspects of your licensing program. This module includes tools to upload, classify and analyze licensee detailed sales/purchase files.

All of our modules include the ability to create, assign and track time-bound tasks, including automated e-mail notifications. There are multiple layers of security that non-technical users can easily configure to permit access to only the information their employees require. Our software also features a “model company”, called “Best, Inc.”, that is fully populated with a full internal control framework, sample controls, sample procedures, sample audit tests and other information. We developed a unique way for our subscribers to quickly copy/add this “Best, Inc.” information to their company information in BestGRC where they can then customize. This provides a very quick time-to-value for our subscribers.