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Our custom CRM software integrates with your other internal systems

Our B2B eCommerce software is designed for manufacturers & their wholesale customers to engage & transact online. Companies leverage our advanced technology to implement a private, branded wholesale portal. Buyers experience an intuitive eCommerce environment, while companies benefit from the power of our robust B2B system.

When looking for CRM Software, there's no need to purchase a prebuilt software package. Chances are, any CRM software package you buy will have some features that you don't need, and other features that work differently than you want them to. Many CRM software packages also come with per user up-charges and yearly maintenance fees. If you want your CRM software package to treat 2 customers differently (for ex.), you will probably not be able to get the CRM software developer to make this change for you.

Additionally, prebuilt CRM software packages have one major limitation that most people don't even think of: the features they offer all relate to CRM, i.e. sales lead management, customer communications, contact lists. Typically, CRM software doesn't have functionality such as team messaging, ticket management, accounting tasks, user training, etc. This is the biggest limitation with all prepackaged software. Your business winds up with a different software package for all of your individual business units like internal auditing, sales management, fulfillment, accounting, and so forth. There may be overlap between CRM and Human Resources for example, it would be nice if employee turnover could automatically update your CRM software.

If you want an CRM software solution that can run your CRM department while integrating with your other business software systems, a custom CRM software solution is your best option. With custom software solutions from Business Edge, there are never any per-user up charges or yearly maintenance fees. Additionally, we will support your custom CRM software for the entire time you use it.

Want your CRM software to integrate with your HR software, no problem! Howabout your fulfillment system or your ticketing system? Again, no problem. With custom enterprise software solutions from Business Edge, your CRM software can communicate with your HR software, your fulfillment software, and your accounting software. And if you want your CRM software to host training videos or conduct user surveys, you can. The possibilities truly are only bound by your own imagination.

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