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BestRetail is a rock solid platform for selling products online!
Ecommerce Software

Our Commercial-Grade Ecommerce software is powerful and scalable enough to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprise customers today and in the future.

The software is called BestRetail, and it is truly the best Ecommerce software you will find, and one of the most affordable too!

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BestRetail Ecommerce Software
BestRetail Ecommerce Software

Powerful Ecommerce Software

Our easy to use ecommerce software is hosted on Microsoft Azure, and is usable on PC/tablet/mobile and currently includes:

Front End Features:

  • Ecommerce storefront with category tree, product thumbnail pages and product details
  • Sale, new, and in-stock product flags
  • Stock availability display
  • Backorder functionality
  • Hierarchical category navigation with breadcrumbs
  • Filters to further drill to specific products
  • Smart product search with auto-suggest
  • Related products (You may also likeā€¦)
  • Featured products on home page
  • Product pricing includes MSRP, Original price and Sale Price.
  • Persistent shopping cart
  • Discount codes for percent off or dollar amount off
  • Dynamic ship and tax rate calculations
  • Fluid product zoom feature
  • Multiple product views
  • SEO optimized (Dynamic page titles, meta tags, and product URLs)
  • Secure checkout with Credit Card processing (single checkout method using embedded Authorize.Net payment gateway or PayPal)
  • Ability to place reorders
  • Billing and Shipping address books
  • Quote requests
  • Dynamic Sale category
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Social sharing
  • Sign up for mailing list

Back End Features:

  • Visitor statistics
  • Brand and Vendor Management
  • Product Catalog management, uploaded images are resized automatically for thumb, detail and zoom image sizes
  • Inventory management
  • Category management
  • Fulfillment functionality, charge or refund credit cards, change order status, notify customer of updates via email
  • Create shipments, put in tracking numbers and customer notifications
  • Ability to update order totals, give discounts, change pricing.
  • Manage Quote requests
  • Ship and Tax rate management
  • Manage discounts
  • Create and manage mailing lists
  • Content management system to update all pages of the front end website
  • Manage users, reset passwords, view order history
  • Sales reports
  • Product Search report to see what people are searching for and their results.
  • SEO features let you update all title, meta, and urls on the site.

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