Business Intelligence Software: BEST Analytics

Taking Advantage of Data
Business Intelligence Software

Our scalable and comprehensive cloud based Business Intelligence solution is built for multi-purpose utilization of data collected from multiple data sources.

The software is called BEST Analytics. It provides actionable insight to essential business critical information.

BEST Analytics Business Intelligence Software
BEST Analytics
Business Intelligence Software

Designed to Deliver Value

Our pre-built dashboards and set of reports deliver industry specific KPI's in the most actionable easy to navigate way. Ability to build ad-hoc reports, drill-down, slice and dice information helps you to steer your business and make better decisions timely.

BEST Analytics implementation services are fully managed by industry and technical experts. We work closely with business management incorporating internal expertise, and understanding business processes specific to each customer, yet common in a dynamic retail industry.

Key Benefits:

  • The solution is available online and usable on any internet enabled PC, tablet or mobile device.
  • Cloud based SaaS model does not require upfront capital investment in hardware and software.
  • Data Warehouse can be connected with the variety of reporting tools like SAP Business Objects, Tableau, Power Pivot and Microsoft Excel.

Centralized data repository becomes an invaluable source for advanced analytics, opening up a list of opportunities, such as:

  • Ability to consolidate in one report and/or dashboard information that typically resides in different systems and therefore produced in multiple reports.
  • Integration capability between different internal and external systems. Storing the data on the most atomic level of business transactions allows data extract and consolidation on any desired level.
  • Delivering custom features and applications built to fit right into your business.

As a result companies have complete visibility to business performance. Timely access to critical business information results in increased revenue, improved profitability, process optimization and therefore cost efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Mobile Dashboards – complete "at a glance" visibility to business conditions.
  • Enterprise reporting. Pre-built insights to:
    • Planning and Forecasting
    • Sales Analysis
    • Trends
    • Ranking
    • Inventory Position
    • Procurement
  • Ad hoc analytics are available online and Excel offering access to sales data, open orders, inventory and procurement.
  • Account management – manage users, access level, reset passwords.

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