Commercial B2B Portal: Monkey N Middle

If you are a wholesaler with retail customers, you need a B2B portal

Our B2B eCommerce software is designed for manufacturers & their wholesale customers to engage & transact online. Companies leverage our advanced technology to implement a private, branded wholesale portal. Buyers experience an intuitive eCommerce environment, while companies benefit from the power of our robust B2B system.

Monkey N Middle portal for Adidas
Commercial B2B Portal for Adidas

The software is called Monkey N Middle, and it is a commercial grade, PCI Compliant, EDI capable, user friendly system. Check it out here:

The extensive features of Monkey N Middle’s turn-key solution addresses complex business practices. Our SaaS-based model provides flexibility and can be tailored to meet specific needs of a company. Additionally, our white-label approach allows for visual customization of the portal to convey the company image.

Our proprietary EDI utility provides seamless communication with existing ERP software. Purchase orders are placed effortlessly online and transmitted directly into a company’s back-end system, eliminating the need for manual entry. Our technology also allows for seamless integration with PLM, OMS & 3PL systems.

The portal has an extensive list of features and is highly customizable. We partner with your IT team and your business users to integrate the software directly into your environment, so that it merges seamlessly with your existing systems. In most cases, our software will replace other legacy systems and make things more streamlined and easier to support.

A B2B Portal that is Easy to Use

When your retail customers begin using the portal, they will not need any training as with other wholesale systems. Your customers will feel right at home because the interface is very similar to other popular ecommerce websites. This increases customer loyalty, lowers bounce rate, and encourages reorders.

Here's a brief list of features included in the base package. Don't see a feature you need? No problem, we can spec it out for you and integrate it into the portal so that you don't need to reconfigure your existing systems.

Retail Experience
  • Showroom Dashboard with permission based access for all of your brands
  • Ecommerce style shopping interface for your retail clients
  • Supports multiple colors, each with color swatch image sets and product zoom
  • Add multiple delivery dates to your inventory selection
  • Ability to cross sell products with other products
  • Full support for case packs vs. open stock inventory
  • Includes virtual styleout and custom linesheets
  • Support for shipment lead times and ship/cancel windows
  • Automated email notifications for order fulfillment updates and activity
  • Linesheet and press display
  • Use the communication center for sales and marketing email blasts
  • Completely customizable product catalog
  • Categorize products by Season, Style, Category, Best Sellers, etc
Brand Experience
  • Easily view all of your accounts, even import them from your ERP system
  • Comprehensive retailer account profiles, includes payment terms, retail certificates, and interior/exterior photos of their location
  • Automated product uploads directly from your back end systems
  • Robust inventory management features, tied into your ERP system
  • Markdown functionality based on category, sku or class
  • Complete order management capabilities, includes integration with EDI
  • Split orders into different PO's based on season, ship window, division, and other factors
  • Ability to place orders for your retailers, i.e. Sales Rep order placement
  • Store unconfirmed orders until they are ready to be placed
  • Full email integration allowing you to communicate to your retailers about their orders
  • Virtual distribution map so you can visually see where your product is being shipped
  • Ability to Place Reorders easily
  • Brand user access levels, control exactly who can see your brands, reports, and financial data
  • Robust reporting based on Brand, Season, Retailer, Date Range, plus much, much more.

Our licensing model is a flat rate model, NOT per-user. This is because we want as many users to utilize the system as possible. The more people use the system, the higher the adoption rate, the more orders you will get, and the more connected and engaged everyone will be. Contact us today and let's discuss how Monkey N Middle can help your business grow through the power of the B2B portal.