In the right hands, technology rocks!

When it comes to custom development technologies, we're experts

Our web application developers and software developers have a wide range of expertise. We guide our customers on the right technology for their project, rather than forcing something that might not be the right fit just because it's our area of expertise. For web applications, we tend to focus primarily on Microsoft based solutions. Microsoft offers a mature back office suite of products, and when we build our web applications on a Microsoft platform, it is easier to support by internal IT and it is compatible with other internal systems. Microsoft offers a robust development platform, and by concentrating on these professional web application development technologies, we are able to align ourselves with a market leader and spend more time learning your business rather than learning many different development and software platforms.

For public websites that require a robust content management system (CMS), we lean towards Wordpress. We feel Wordpress offers a really nice user experience when it comes to editing the content on your own website. It is open-source, and has a huge community supporting it and extending the platform with plugins and other extensions. We are experts in Wordpress, and frequently write custom code to create a custom Wordpress site that is robust, scalable, and easy to maintain.

Your business is more important than the website development platform used for your custom web application or software program. When you meet with us, we can discuss different platforms and their pros and cons. Ultimately, we want to choose the right technology for your business, whether that is Microsoft, open-source, or otherwise. Since we are experts with these technologies, we can spend time discussing your business and your specific solution with you rather than discussing the ins and outs of one technology versus another.

We also do not subscribe to “camp wars”. We are very much open to other technologies and other solutions, and will not engage in putting down other technologies based on personal feelings. If there are better solutions out there for your particular situation, we will tell you what we think honestly, and will not sell you on something that is not a good fit.

With all of that said, here’s the list of technologies and software packages we primarily work with:


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Windows (all versions)
  • Appcelerator/Titanium
  • Apple iOS
  • Android SDK
  • Wordpress
  • MySQL
  • MS Access
  • MS Office
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • AJAX
  • jQuery
  • Microsoft Sharepoint


  • C#
  • VB
  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • PHP
  • C++
  • ASP (vbscript)
  • Javascript
  • XML
All the technology ingredients that make up custom web development