Technical Support

Website Technical Support and Email Setup Assistance

Website and Custom Application Support
We provide support for the life-time of the websites and custom applications we create. Please contact us if you are having any problems with one of our products.

Connect To Your Website (FTP)
You should have gotten an email with instructions on connecting to your website via FTP. If not, please contact us and we'll make sure your account is setup properly.

Instructions on setting up your FTP client software

Email Setup Assistance
As an email service provider, we offer basic email setup assistance for the common email applications. The vast majority of email problems can be solved by simply confirming your email client has been setup properly. Please see the documentation below to make sure your email is setup properly before contacting support.

Having problems using your account in one of the applications above? Try using our web mail application (Icewarp) which is located at Simply replace with the domain name for the email account in question.

Email tip: Always remember that your email username is your FULL email address; i.e. and not just "bill".

General Email Configuration Settings
Due to the wide variety of email clients, including PDA's & cell phones, we do not provide specific instructions for every possible email software. However, the vast majority of these applications ask for the same information. Here's what you will most likely need to setup your email client:

  • Email type: We recommend IMAP, but if you want to use POP3 that will work too
  • Username: your full email address; and not just "bill"
  • Password: your email password!
  • Incoming Server:
  • Outgoing Server:
    Note: My outgoing server (SMTP) DOES require authentication, which is the same settings as your incoming mail server.
  • SMTP outgoing port: The default of 25 will not work with most ISPs, change this to port 366.
  • POP Port: Use the default setting of 110 if using POP
  • IPhone/Mac mail: Make sure the setting "Use SSL" is OFF

Want to use web-based email?
You can access your email from any computer connected to the internet using our IceWarp Web Mail. Simply enter in your browser address bar: Then login using your full email address; i.e. and then enter your password.

Email Administrator Assistance
If you are the administrator for a domain on our email servers, please use the following link for a quick start guide.

Still need help?
If the information above does not resolve your email issues, please feel free to contact one of our technical support agents. We offer telephone support during our normal business hours of 9AM to 6PM Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time. Please email for prompt off hours support. Include your name, email domain, contact number, and details regarding the problem you are experiencing and a technical support agent will contact you.

Connect to Online Support
While talking to a Business Edge Technical Support Agent, you may be asked to allow us to connect to your computer remotely. This typically helps resolve issues quickly and efficiently. If requested, please click on the link below: