You Don't Have a Sharepoint Intranet Yet?

Expert Sharepoint Application Development for Custom Intranets and Collaborative Websites

Microsoft Sharepoint is a robust web application that provides collaboration, document management, scheduling, and a variety of other team oriented features. Sharepoint is typically used for building company intranets, but it can be used for many other purposes as well. Here at Business Edge, we use it for managing our employee calendars, company communications, client billing, and ticket management and resolution for all of our projects.

Sharepoint custom development, Custom Sharepoint Intranets
Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 is extremely powerful and intuitive

If you are considering Sharepoint for your business and you need some guidance, give us a call. We have Sharepoint expertise in house and ready to help. We offer Sharepoint consulting and custom Sharepoint application development. We can integrate Sharepoint with your backend systems so that your users gain visibility into those systems without needing to log into many different applications.

Having a Sharepoint powered intranet can really enable your users to collaborate and be more productive. Sharepoint offers many features including a tight integration with Microsoft Outlook that can empower your users and centralize many aspects of your business. The document management features alone in Sharepoint rival that of many stand-alone document management software applications. And this is only one part of Sharepoint, in addition you get user home pages, discussion boards, community features, Outlook integration, calendaring, and many other features.

In addition to the out-of-the-box features, Sharepoint is built on a platform that is scalable and extensible. Custom web application developers (like us) can take advantage of Sharepoint's open APIs and build custom web applications for integration into Sharepoint. We have experience with custom applications development for all versions of Sharepoint, including the new Sharepoint 2010 version which we have been running internally since it was still in beta.

Sharepoint 2013 offers tighter integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, thereby making it easier for custom web application development companies (again, like us) to build new Sharepoint applications quickly and with fewer integration issues than ever before.

So if you are looking to get started using Sharepoint, or you want to implement some advanced, custom functionality, we can help. Just contact us to get started today!