Retail Web Development

Specializing in Retail industry specific software solutions

If you're in Retail then you've come to the right place. The Retail Industry has different needs than any other industry, and we've worked with just about every other industry. In retail, the tides change very quickly, decisions are made and implemented very rapidly, and the demands are extremely high to get things done quickly and efficiently. No other industry is as demanding or as quickly changing as retail.

Here are some features of our Retail Web Development Services:

  • Lightning fast turnaround (same day is NOT out of the question)
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Use our creative team or your own
  • Separate web hosting for your marketing mini-sites
  • We can handle your one-off campaigns, such as sweepstakes promotions or surveys

We work very closely with other retailer's marketing departments to put up mini-sites and other promotional web pages for their current campaigns. We can also host those web pages for you so that you don't have to go through the red tape of making changes to your primary ecommerce storefront. When your marketing department has the freedom and the agility to publish campaigns at will without the risk of impacting the line of business software, your business will ultimately become more flexible and useful.

Here at Business Edge, as a custom web development company we understand the unique needs of our retail clients and we work extremely hard to satisfy those needs. We even offer same day turnaround in many cases! Just give us a deadline, and we'll bend over backwards making sure your web project gets completed in time for you to go through your internal review process. Then when you have feedback, we'll jump on your items right away and get your items launched as fast as humanly possible.

And speaking of your internal review process, do you have an automated way for work to be approved and forwarded to the next person in the approval cycle? This is very common in retail and if you're still using email forwarding as your primary method of getting things approved, then you're being left behind by your competitors. Email forwarding is just not a very efficient way of managing approvals. We have built custom intranets and other custom software development to facilitate approval cycles and completely automate that process.