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Ecommerce Websites with EdgeCommerce from Business Edge

Selling products over the internet is no longer a novelty. It's now a basic part of retail business today, and it has allowed for the creation of thousands of "online only" companies, many of whom do not have a physical store anywhere.

When customers visit an e-commerce website, there are certain expectations they have from their experiences with shopping on other e-commerce websites. Here are some of the features all ecommerce websites should contain:

  • Product Catalog - Including an easy to use hierarchical navigation
  • Search - An ecommerce website must have a robust search engine
  • Shopping Cart - One that saves the contents if the user leaves the site.
  • Secure Checkout - Customers expect to see that little lock at the bottom of the browser window
  • Order Status - Your customers should be able to log onto your site and check the status of their order

And those are just the basics. Here are some of the optional features our clients have asked for in their plans to design e-commerce website:

  • Complements - This item complements the item you are currently viewing
  • Alternates - When you're out of stock, this is a similar item that is in stock
  • Customers also bought - Other people that bought this item also bought these other items
  • Recently viewed - Keeps track of the items that were recently viewed, but not added to the shopping cart
  • Top sellers - These are items that have recorded the most sales
  • Featured products - Show select products on your home page
  • Sale items - Allow for products to go on sale and change the price for some period of time
  • Coupons - Customers enter a coupon code and get a discount off their order

And the list goes on and on. In fact, EdgeCommerce has many of these features and might just be the perfect fit for your business. EdgeCommerce is a robust application to build your ecommerce website on.

Ecommerce web application development is a large part of our business. Our developers have created e-commerce store functionality for some of the largest internet e-tailers and we're ready to help you with your next project. Ask about our ecommerce website hosting since we host over 95% of our ecommerce stores.