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Top-notch, senior level Microsoft ASP.Net and SQL developers are available for dedicated consulting arrangements to help support your Maryland business
Maryland Developers of custom software development company Business Edge

We have senior Microsoft dotnet and MSSQL developers available ready to be dedicated to your Maryland business in either short term or long term commitments. You can choose from 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week for your dedicated resource. By partnering with us for your custom web development and custom software development needs, you are partnering with a proven leader in the custom web development/custom software development industry. You can increase your staff as little or as much as you need, then as your needs change you can scale back while still maintaining the back office support that is crucial to your business continuity.

Top reasons to engage in an ongoing commitment:

  • Virtually nothing is out of scope! You can tell us your initial ideas for your project, get started with a web developer, and then as the project moves along, you can make changes to the direction and the scope. In many instances, the requirements for a project may change during development. With dedicated web developers, you can change requirements and priorities as you wish. This creates a more iterative project lifecycle and typically leads to better outcomes.

  • Direct access to your developers! You will have the ability to communicate directly with your web developers so that you can explain things and provide direct feedback. You can even ask them to perform different tasks that you need completed right away.

  • We manage your resources! From an HR perspective, we still manage your resources. This means that we keep them trained on the latest Microsoft web development technologies, and we manage their personal development and growth so that they stay motivated and available for you. Additionally, we keep them employed even if they are no longer committed to your project. This means that if you needed them back at a later date, chances are they will still be available.

  • Your custom web application or custom web development project comes with our full support! This means that we support your project indefinitely, long after the dedicated consulting arrangement may have ended. Whenever you need help, just call us and we'll be there ready to help. Or, when you need to ramp up again with more developers, we'll pick up right where we left off, without needing to get up to speed or figure out how things were done previously.

  • Access to our project management resources! Every commitment comes with access to our project management resources included at a reduced rate. This means that you can work with either your dedicated resources, or your project manager, or both. Many times, it's helpful to communicate with your project manager so that you can keep your developers working on their tasks without interrupting them or having them involved in meetings and other time consuming endeavors.

  • On or Off site resources! This means that you can tap into our custom web development talent from anywhere. If you are within 60 miles of our office, we can place web developers and software developers onsite for you, but if you are further away, we can dedicate those development resources remotely, and keep them available for your Maryland project via phone, chat, email, and video.

  • Discounted rates for longer commitments! Starting at 2 days per week and 1 month term, our normal hourly rates start coming down, saving you money while giving you all of the benefits listed above.

Whatever your custom web application development or software development needs are, we can help. Just let us know what your needs are, and we can guide you to the right dedicated solution for your business. Remember, we don't outsource any work to other companies or foreign countries, and everything that we create is delivered to you, license free. We have dedicated Maryland Microsoft dotnet developers immediately available.

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