As an NJ custom web development company, we are frequently asked about our responsive design capabilities. These days, everything we build incorporates responsive design, whether it is our public facing websites, or the internal business applications that we build. We have to make sure that the applications we build will format properly on any device and platform.

There are 2 primary schools of thought on formatting websites to fit various platforms and screen sizes, Responsive Design and Adaptive Design. With Responsive Design, there is no browser detection required. All of the screen resizing and reformatting is handled by the CSS with media queries. In Adaptive Design, the server detects what kind of device is accessing the website and delivers different content based on the device. Many times this involves redirecting users to a separate mobile site, commonly referred to as an "m-dot" site. At Business Edge Services, we are highly skilled at both methodologies, but lately our customers have been asking more for Responsive Design instead of Adaptive Design. There is a little less work involved because we are only building one site instead of two.

Here is an example of a great responsive site that we've built:

Visit the site here: and check it out on a cell phone or tablet device. It should fit the screen properly.

This is an example of responsive design in action. In fact, this site here ( is also responsive. Check it out on your cell phone or tablet and you'll see a different version of this page.

Whatever the project, we will make it responsive, and give it that extra bit of animation effect to make it smooth and attractive. We are experts in JQuery, CSS and cross browser programming and can make just about any site have these same kind of effects.



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