Many new websites (including this one) are being built with responsive design principles. This means that the site will resize and adjust to fit basically any size screen. There are so many different screen sizes across tablets, smart phones, e-readers, and other internet connected devices, it is no longer feasible to build a website that is optimized for a single resolution like 1024 x 768 for example. The site should adjust and adapt to any screen size that is being used to view the site. There are a bunch of new Javascript and CSS techniques that can be used to achieve responsive design, and so for a new site, there's almost no excuse anymore not to implement responsive design.

When it comes to web-based applications though, many developers are slow to adapt to these new design principles. I still see way too many web applications that are fixed width and not compatible with mobile devices. These web applications also do not resize at lower resolutions. Here at Business Edge, we are actively trying to change that trend and implement responsive design into all of our web-based applications. Business users are increasingly using their own devices to visit corporate websites and internal custom web applications. The application should be usable on any device the user chooses, it just makes sense.

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